Want to upgrade your offices, manufacturing plant or industrial warehouse to energy efficient LED lighting, but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to reduce your monthly electric bill? Here are some tips on getting your project off on the right foot.

1. You’ll want a reputable lighting contractor who will do everything for you. This is referred to this as a turnkey lighting retrofit contractor. This includes providing your lighting audit and recommending the right solution(s) for your facility. This same company should be able to provide your new fixtures as well as handle your installation, all without interrupting your operation or production. This may require them to work 2nd or 3rd shift or Saturdays for no additional fee as part of their commitment to you. By offering a turn-key lighting upgrade, your lighting retrofit contractor needs to have an experienced installation crew who will communicate well with your staff and be willing to take care of recycling your old lamps and disposal of your old fixtures. In addition, they should offer to handle at no additional charge certifying your company for any IRS tax incentives and be willing to process any available electric utility rebate applications as part of their agreement. This allows your contractor to do what they do best, freeing you up to concentrate on your responsibilities.

2. The best way to find a reputable lighting retrofit contractor is first through a referral, where you’ve been through another facility and were impressed with their new lighting. If a referral is not readily available, then when searching the internet, you’ll know you’ve found a reputable lighting retrofit installation company when you find listed 30+ local companies they’ve provided turnkey lighting upgrades for. In addition a capable lighting contractor should have a dozen or more testimonials listed on their website with real names (not just a first name) as well as phone numbers, so you can call to confirm they were delighted with their installation.

3. Many managers or business owners tend to assume an electrician would be their best option for their lighting upgrade project. I’ve found this isn’t the case. Electricians are good at what they do, but to find a competitive company, you are better off searching for a company who specializes in nothing but lighting retrofit projects or upgrades. These folks typically buy direct from the fixture manufacturers and concentrate on lighting, period. Face it, finding a company whose specialty are turnkey lighting retrofit project installations is going to make your life a lot easier. It’s why you go to a heart specialist for open heart surgery and not a general practitioner. Everyone specializes in something and it’s in your best interest to find the right company to handle your project. Your life will be much easier and your project will turn out better, when put in capable hands

Image of LED lighting retrofits.

Bob Taussig is the owner of ROI Energy Solutions serving both Ohio and Texas with turnkey lighting upgrades. ROI Energy has provided more than 300 industrial, turnkey lighting upgrades since 2008. If you’re ready to start saving energy and interested in working with a contractor who delivers what they promise, it’s time to contact ROI Energy Solutions, Inc. www.ROI-Energy.com Phone: 330-690-8308 Bob@ROI-Energy.com