Now is the time to ACT!  Most building owners and property managers have been thinking about LED lighting, but dragging their feet…… I am sure you can relate, since this falls in the “important but not urgent category”.  Well if you wait much longer, you can say “goodbye to the IRS tax incentive” which expires on December 31, 2016.

LED High Bay Lighting Project, Massillon, Ohio

LED High Bay Lighting Project, Massillon, Ohio

The fact is, in an effort by the government to entice property managers and building owners to convert to energy efficient lighting, they passed a tax incentive allowing you to deduct the entire cost of lighting upgrade projects (for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and production facilities) allowing you to deduct as accelerated depreciation up to 60 cents per square foot or the cost of your lighting upgrade, whichever is less. This is called IRS EPAct section179d.

Act Now to Upgrade to LED Lighting

Instead of having to depreciate the cost of your lighting investment over 39 ½ years, why not take it all right now, this year, against 2016 profits and benefit by lowering your tax liability due next spring?

Not only would you realize dramatically improved light levels and a significant savings in operating costs through reduced energy bills, we can help you with the certification process required to capture this lucrative tax deduction.

Our clients typically notice improved productivity, improved employee morale, all while increasing the value of their real estate investment.  It’s a case where both management and employees alike are better off.


ROI Energy Solutions, Inc. has been performing turnkey lighting retrofit projects since 2008 and specializes in performing these projects without disrupting your production and with a minimum investment in upper management’s time. If fact we can finance your project from 2-5 years if the payback makes good financial sense, but the budget dollars aren’t available.  Don’t wait, call or email us today to find out how much your bottom line would benefit, while taking advantage of the EPAct 179d tax incentive before it goes away at the end of 2016.