“The sooner you start saving on your energy costs, the faster it accumulates and shows up on your bottom line where it belongs”

Reason #1: I won’t upgrade unless it’s at least a 2 year payback

Response: A two year payback is a 50% return on your money invested. Do you get that in the stock market, CDs, money market, real estate, I didn’t think so…… What’s wrong with a 3 or 4 year payback, that’s still a 33% or 25% return on your investment, where else can you get that kind of return on your investment?

Reason #2: There’s no rebate available right now

Response: See response above……

Reason #3: There’s no money in the budget

Response: We can finance your project to help you realize positive cash flow. We can typically show positive cash flow, by financing your project over 2-4 years. The money you are saving by not paying your utility company for lighting energy, you’ll use to pay the finance company with the money left over…….. (ie. positive cash flow from the first month).

Reason #4: I don’t have the manpower to oversee this project

Response: Contract with ROI Energy Solutions who will manage your entire turnkey lighting upgrade without the need for you to tie up your valuable time.

Reason #5: I am too busy with other projects right now, it’s not a good time

Response: See response above……

What’s the cost of waiting? Lost energy dollars down the drain, never to be recouped….. You’re already spending the money by sending it to the utility company but not getting any energy savings or improved lighting for it in return. It would be like driving off a new car lot with your book of payment coupons and forgetting to take your new vehicle home with you.

Bob Taussig, president of ROI Energy Solutions in Cleveland, Ohio specializes in providing turnkey lighting upgrades for industrial and commercial clients all over NE Ohio. Our commitment is to install your turnkey, energy efficient lighting upgrade without disrupting your operation, using a minimal amount of upper management’s time, providing an excellent payback for management along with a dramatically improved environment for your employees. Everyone wins. DON’T DELAY, CALL US NOW FOR YOUR NO OBLIGATION LIGHTING ENERGY ANALYSIS.