Due to the fact that the lumens-per-watt have increased significantly, it reduces the input wattage making them more energy efficient. In spite of the fact that they are still pricier than their T5 or T8 fluorescent high bay counterparts, because they are more energy efficient there is a good chance you’ll still realize a similar, quick payback. (ie. more expensive, but due to the lower wattage draw, they’ll save more energy over time). With the cost reduction of LED fixtures over the past year or two and their lack of need for maintenance, we are seeing more clients interested in converting to LED fixtures.

As a result of the drop in prices and increase in quality, LED retrofit kits are becoming a viable alternative for 2x2’ and 2x4’ office troffer upgrades. You have the option of just converting your prismatic troffers to LED tubes vs. T12 or T8 lamps, or in an effort to update your office look dramatically, there are LED basket type retrofit kits now available. These retrofit kits allow you to upgrade your office troffers, saving 40% in replacement costs vs. replacing the entire troffer fixture. You’ll get the new look at a reduced upfront cost.

Converting from the common ceiling mounted 4 lamp T12 prismatic office troffer to an LED retrofit kit takes you from 144 watts down to 36 watts for a 75% reduction in energy costs.

Philips LED, EVO kits upgrade office troffers

Philips LED high bay fixture

Philips LED high bay fixtures replace metal halide or T5’s