ROI Energy is proud to say that we’ve been helping our clients reduce energy costs and brighten their facilities since 2008. Our services have helped our clients save money and increase efficiency over the years, but our energy-efficient lighting retrofit services have benefited more than just businesses in Ohio and Texas.

LED high bay Lighting retrofit RR Donnelley, Houston, Texas

AEP Ohio recently named ROI Energy as a top-performing solution provider for 2015 in the AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Program thanks to our commitment to quality services that help the environment. Thanks to our lighting retrofits throughout Ohio and Texas in 2015 alone, ROI Energy was able to help save 4,866,584 KWh of electricity or 4635 tons of C02. That’s the equivalent of:

  • The exhaust of 849 cars in a year
  • 4637 barrels of oil not being used
  • The amount of C02 generated by 403 single-family homes
  • 118,867 new trees planted

Saving Energy Through Lighting Retrofits

LED Philips EVO kit  office lighting retrofit RR Donnelley, Houston, Texas

ROI Energy Solutions, Inc. enjoys helping our customers reduce their energy costs and improve their lighting while helping the environment. If you’d like to lower your electric bills and brighten your facility, we can provide you with a no-risk energy analysis to determine the best lighting solution for your facility. Contact us online or give us a call at (330) 931-3905 today to talk to one of our lighting specialists about an energy-saving lighting retrofit. You’ll be glad you did.