ROI Energy Named a Top-Performing Solution Provider for 2015

ROI Energy was named as a top-performing solution provider by AEP Ohio. Learn about how our lighting retrofits help both our customers and the environment.

Are You Waiting To Upgrade to LED Lighting? Start Saving Before it is too Late!

Now is the time to ACT! Most building owners and property managers have been thinking about LED lighting, but dragging their feet…… I am sure you can relate, since this falls in the “important but not urgent category”. Well if you wait much longer, you can say “goodbye to the IRS tax incentive” which expires on December 31, 2016.

Debunking the Reasons to Delay Upgrading to Energy Efficient Lighting

Reason #1: I won’t upgrade unless it’s at least a 2 year paybackResponse: A two year payback is a 50% return on your money invested. Do you get that in the stock market, CDs, money market, real

Waiting for the cost of LED high bay fixtures to come down before you buy?

We occasionally hear the excuse for not converting now to LED lighting now because our client thinks if they wait another 2 or 3 years, the cost of their LED fixtures will come down and they’ll save money.

ROI Energy Congratulates Our Cavaliers For Winning The 2016 NBA Championship!

Wow, what a thrilling win! It’s been a long road which makes the victory to the top even sweeter! The Cavaliers made history as the only team ever to rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals. ROI Energy Solutions is proud to be a part of history being made right here in northeast Ohio.

FirstEnergy Lighting Rebate Update

As some of you know, I have the privilege of serving as a member of Ohio Advanced Energy Economy (OAEE). We’re a coalition of businesses who advocate for the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. We come together with a common voice when urgent issues arise in the state legislature or US Congress that affect our industry, and April 2016 has given us our most important task in the past two years.

LED Lighting Retrofit Enables RR Donnelley to Dramatically Improve Lighting Quality, While Reducing Lighting Energy Costs by 70%

RR Donnelley is one of North America’s largest printing and packaging companies. Their Houston facility has more than 200,000 square feet of production, warehouse and office space.

P & L Benefits for LED lighting upgrades

A lighting upgrade can affect many line items on a business’ P & L statement. There are multiple benefits to having ROI Energy install a turn-key lighting upgrade, whether you operate a manufacturing plant, warehouse, commercial building or office.

What’s a reasonable payback for a lighting project that reduces our energy costs?

Many of the metrics business owners and managers use to evaluate lighting and energy reduction projects, fail to take into consideration their “real” return on investment. One of the rules of thumb commonly used by decision-makers is the “maximum 2-year simple payback” rule. For whatever reason, people think an investment that takes more than two years to pay for itself is a waste of time.

The EPAct accelerated tax deduction is back for 2016!

Section 179D of the IRS Tax Code is one of the most under used tax deductions available. So why are most people not taking advantage of this tax deduction? The answer is simple, lack of knowledge. This article will outline a few facts about Section 179D and help industrial and commercial building owners realize what they’re missing.