Lighting Upgrades for Manufacturers and Warehouses: How They Work

Lighting upgrades improve your manufacturing and warehouse facilities using energy efficient fixtures. Contact ROI Energy about a lighting upgrade.

How Lighting Retrofit Contractors Can Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

A good lighting retrofit contractor can make installation an easy process for your company. Contact ROI about an energy-efficient lighting retrofit today.

Meet ROI Energy’s Owner, Bob Taussig

We’re proud to introduce you to our owner, Bob Taussig! Bob is the owner of ROI Energy, Northeast Ohio’s premier lighting retrofit contractor.

Why should I convert to LED high bays considering we installed T8 or T5 fluorescent lighting just five years ago?

This is a common question and deserves an answer by a lighting retrofit contractor who specializes in energy efficient high bay lighting installations for manufacturing companies, warehouses and industrial facilities.

ROI Energy’s New Lighting Retrofit Video

We’re excited to give you a first look at our new ROI Energy web video! The video gives a comprehensive overview of exactly how our LED and T5 high bay lighting retrofit projects can help your company

How long does it take for an LED high bay lighting retrofit to pay for itself?

ROI Energy Solutions, of Cleveland, Ohio and Houston, Texas has performed over 300 industrial lighting upgrades and specializes in performing your upgrade without interrupting your production.

How Do I Decide Whether to Convert to T5 vs. LED high bay fixtures?

High bay conversion from 400 watt metal halide HID fixtures

Installation: The Lighting Retrofit Process

Installing new lighting in your facility doesn’t have to be another burden to deal with. Contact ROI Energy today about our lighting retrofit installation process.

Philips Introduces Simple Solution to Convert T8 lamps to LED

Philips InstantFit LED T8 an ideal energy saving solution for existing fluorescent fixtures.

Tax Savings through Cost Segregation for T5 or LED High Bay Lighting

ROI Energy works with cost segregation study professionals to assist you in identifying the retired lighting system undepreciated costs in the year your new lighting is installed.