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Let us help you cut your industrial lighting energy bill in half and brighten your factory or warehouse!

ROI Energy's specialty is helping business owners and property managers of industrial  properties reduce their operating expenses, by providing a turn-key lighting conversion to LED and T5 high bay lighting.

If you are open more than 12 hours per day, your payback will likely be as short as 12 to 24 months

Look at how much energy you can save by converting your light fixtures!

Metal Halide high bay fixtures = 458 watts of energy
4 lamp T5 high bay fixtures = 234 watts of energy
LED high bay fixtures 144 watts of energy

Start saving today.

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Our turnkey lighting retrofit process is simple and stress free.

Our process includes everything from providing your project cost and payback, to providing fixture recommendations, installation during off shifts with our experienced lighting installers. We will dispose of your old fixtures and lamps. Our commitment is to NOT disrupt your production, as well as NOT take more than a hour of two of upper managements time, start to finish for this cost reduction initiative.

How it works

We won't shut off the lights and we'll install around your production schedule.

Our lighting installation team specializes in lighting retrofit projects for warehouses and manufacturing environments. We work around your schedule, sometimes installing second or third shifts (at no extra cost) to get our work done without interrupting your production. If we need to install over the weekend we understand, because that's our business.

You may be eligible for a utility rebate.

Some energy companies offer rebates to encourage industrial facilities to do lighting energy retrofit projects.

Contact us and we will let you know what's available in your area.

If you work multiple shifts, you'll be surprised at how fast your payback is, even without a rebate.

Learn more about Rebates

Case Studies

Image of energy efficient industrial high bay lighting installation for MAC Trailer.
MAC Trailer
190k sq. ft. Truck trailer manufacturer
Before: 483 metal halide fixtures
After 483, 6 lamp T8 fixtures
Annual cost savings $88,248
Payback 12 months
Energy reduced by 50%
Light levels now 2X
Image of industrial T5 lighting installation for ASK Chemicals.
ASK Chemicals
110k sq. ft. Chemical manufacturer
Before: 168 metal halide fixtures
After 168, 4 lamp T5 fixtures and LED wall packs
Annual cost savings $26,178
Payback 1.7 years
Energy reduced by 56%
Light levels now 2X
"Our employees are delighted with their brighter working environment. I was very pleased with the way our project turned out and how painless Bob made this entire project for us."

George Glass Plant Manager, ASK Chemicals

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits pay for themselves, adding to your bottom line. Many manufacturers & warehouses still use outdated lighting. Converting to LED high bay fixtures can save 50%-70% on your lighting energy cost and provides more light!

Energy Savings

We'll provide your payback analysis & explain how an LED high bay lighting retrofit could save your business 50% or more on your electric bill. This savings translates to company profits! Get a risk-free energy analysis today.

How It Works

The savings from your electric bill pays for your lighting upgrade. We work around your schedule so we don't interrupt production. Upper management won't spend an hour or two on this entire cost reduction initiative when you work with ROI Energy.

No-Risk Energy Analysis

ROI Energy will conduct a risk-free energy analysis to determine your savings potential . Get started today by submitting this form to find out how much you could save. As owner of ROI Energy, I promise you won't be disappointed. ~ Bob Taussig
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