Falcon Industries

Falcon Industries

"Knowledgeable and professional with excellent follow through"

Falcon’s new lighting has provided a tremendous improvement to our facility. What a difference it has made AND we’re using less energy!

All of Bob’s recommendations have proven to be excellent and have significantly improved our lighting as well as the aesthetic look of our facility. We appreciate his professionalism and communication, helping our installation to go extremely smooth.

ROI Energy’s installers provided the ultimate in customer service – they were attentive and responsive. They started our installation sooner than expected and completed the job in just 6 days!

This company is great to work with – knowledgeable and professional, with excellent follow through.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Bob and his company to others. Feel free to use Falcon Industries as a reference, I’d be happy to speak with potential clients about your excellent service.

Mike Royer
Plant Manager
Falcon Industries, Inc.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits pay for themselves, adding to your bottom line. Many manufacturers & warehouses still use outdated lighting. Converting to LED high bay fixtures can save 50%-70% on your lighting energy cost and provides more light!

Energy Savings

We'll provide your payback analysis & explain how an LED high bay lighting retrofit could save your business 50% or more on your electric bill. This savings translates to company profits! Get a risk-free energy analysis today.

How It Works

The savings from your electric bill pays for your lighting upgrade. We work around your schedule so we don't interrupt production. Upper management won't spend an hour or two on this entire cost reduction initiative when you work with ROI Energy.

No-Risk Energy Analysis

ROI Energy will conduct a risk-free energy analysis to determine your savings potential . Get started today by submitting this form to find out how much you could save. As owner of ROI Energy, I promise you won't be disappointed. ~ Bob Taussig
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